Medical Weight Loss

At Southwest Med Spa we are utilizing medically-supervised, a non-surgical weight loss program that melts away your extra pounds while under the care of medical professionals. No lap bands. No invasive surgical procedures. Instead, we offer an affordable, Skinny Shot, and a sound weight management program that can help you shed pounds and transition into a much more healthy lifestyle.

We guide you in food selections, portion control, and exercise. Most importantly, we help you break through those occasional weight plateaus that can temporarily impede your progress–our patients love this!

Our experienced and uniquely trained staff of medical professionals provide a wide menu of products and services to help you achieve optimal weight levels. First we do a medical intake exam, physical and tests to determine your current state of health. That may lead to any of several vitamin regimens, vitamin B injections and/or prescription or non-prescription appetite suppressants. In short we tailor to you as an individual, which is why it works so well.

Your weight loss program is customized to help you reach your weight goals, taking into consideration your personal physical situation, lifestyle challenges and medical history.

We have a two-phase system of evaluation and administration of supplements and/or medications, followed by a sustainable exercise and nutrition program. Your first visit will last about 60 minutes and includes a bariatric examination and medical history, along with a physical, blood work, weight, and Body Composition Analysis which includes your BMI measurement and body fat analysis.

Alternative Weight Loss Programs

Our alternative weight loss program is designed for people who want to lose weight but are not candidates for prescription appetite suppressants due to medical complications, contraindications to certain medications, age or other reasons. It is an effective alternative and the cost of the program is the same.

Everything you need, in one convenient office.

When you work with our team, you’ll improve in areas where you need the most attention and care.

Our staff is ready to serve and pamper you. Come see us! Call us at (817) 835-3077 to schedule an appointment and to learn more about the advanced services we offer for all of your needs.